The Use of Nanny Cams in Child Protection

Children are our wealth. They are the joy of our lives. They make us feel precious, happy, sad, angry, but we love them come what may. In a world where parents are increasingly relying on nannies to raise their children, ensuring the safety of the kids has become a very big issue. With numerous incidents of nanny abuse and accidental child deaths making to the newspapers on a regular basis, the use of nanny cams, or nanny cameras, to protect and keep your children safe, is one of the better security options. BBW cams

Some Shocking Facts about Child Accidents in America

Did you know that more than a million children below 15 years of age accidentally hurt themselves in or around their homes every year? According to some reports, 44% of most children are susceptible to accidents including falling over balconies, staircases, windows etc. Yes! And the most accident prone ones are those who are 0-4 years old. However, surprisingly the number of deaths due to burning is the highest in the US. Unfortunately, younger kids are more vulnerable to scalds and burns and other accidents as compared to older ones.

Another common reason for child accidents in America is poisoning. More than 30,000 children get treatment for suspect or actual poisoning accidents annually. These accidents usually involve consumption of medicines, or accidental swallowing of household products, or use of cosmetics. Because of the levels of poisoning agents in these items, children may suffer breathing difficulties and must be given immediate medical attention.

Fortunately for you, parents, shocking as these facts maybe, the truth is that these accidents are completely preventable. All that is require is increased awareness, better home environment, increased safety precautions, and constant monitoring.

Need For Nanny Cams

As more and more parents become increasingly aware of the benefits of constant monitoring, the use of nanny cams has gained immense popularity. Considered to be one of the in-home surveillance devices, the nanny cam can do what you as a parent can’t; keep an eye on your child all the time! According to some studies, there has been a 25% increase in the number of nanny cams in the last 2-3 years. So, is this monitoring device really good for ensuring your child’s safety, or is it hype or an invasion of an individual’s privacy? Let’s help you make the decision for yourself.

Types of Nanny Cams

Let’s understand the four different types of nanny cams available in the market nowadays.

1)     Hidden wireless nanny cam – a plug and play device, this type of surveillance cam can be hidden in any small these cameras are simple plug and play and can be concealed in small household items

2)     Hidden IP nanny cam – has a motion sensor for activation. Can be connected to a PC for video recording and remote site viewing with the right settings; helps parents monitor their child even from their workplace

3)     Hidden power lines nanny cam – easy to use, allows transmission of video through existing electrical wirings in your house

4)     Hidden nanny cam with built in recorder – motion sensor activated video recording facility

Nanny Cam Pricing

Some of the most common and popular models of nanny cams are small-sized and can be fitted in most household products such as picture frames, desk lamps, artificial plants, stuffed animal toys etc for undetected monitoring. Here’s a look at the pricing of some of these nanny cams:

·         FM Radio Clock Nanny Cam – $389

·         Picture Frame Nanny Cam – $429

·         Desk Lamp Nanny Cam – $359

·         Fake Plant Nanny Cam – $399

·         Stuff Animal Toy Nanny Cam – $399

The above mentioned nanny cams are just some of the few ones that can be easily bought and set up in to monitor your child in the house. Due to their deceptive appearance they can be used in most part of your home with ease to give you complete peace of mind when you are away from your child and home.

Advantages of a Nanny Cam

Increasing demand combined with improved technology of nanny cams has led to the availability of a variety of cams. Fortunately, these cameras are designed in a way that they can be easily hidden anywhere in the home. While wireless IP nanny cams allow you instant and uninterrupted continuous access via video transmission on the happenings in your home, the other type of nanny cams are also a good choice as they allow you to record the happenings on a daily basis. With prices starting from $100 for a basic nanny cam with remote PC access to the more expensive $500 digital models, you can chose to watch images live on your PC or mobile phone. Nanny cams bring you the much needed peace of mind and trust in your child’s caretaker, besides ensuring the safety and security of your precious one.

Disadvantages of a Nanny Cam

The most obvious downslide to a surveillance camera is the surreptitious nature of the device. Most care providers would like to know beforehand, if they are being ‘watched’ so that they are mentally prepared for the scrutiny.

Other Uses of Nanny Cam

Spy cams such as nanny cam can be used on various different occasions besides child care. Use it to monitor in-house cleaning services personnel, baby sitters, or use to keep your home secure.

Is Nanny Cam Legal To Use?

Fortunately, all 50 US states have given permission for using nanny cams or other hidden cameras  for surveillance purposes. However, 15 states: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington, have made it illegal to record a person’s speech without their consent.

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