Should I Use Engineered Timber Flooring?

A few questions you need to ask yourself before you choose engineered wooden flooring or solid wooden flooring.

Solid wooden flooring or engineered wooden flooring? That is the question! When it comes to choosing the floorboards in your home or business, making the right decision can be a tough one, especially if you have pushy salespeople coming at you from left and right trying to pressure you into a pricey decision just because they haven’t met their sales targets this month!

Anyway, we’ve gathered up a little bit more info on engineered floorboards to make that decision making process just a little bit easier. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on solid hardwood flooring or engineer timber flooring.

What is your subfloor made out of?

If your subfloor is made of concrete, it will be far easier to install an engineered wooden floor than solid wood. If you need to add an extra layer of plywood on top of your concrete floor before you start laying your solid hardwood, then it can be time consuming and costly too.

If you already have a plywood subfloor ready to go from previous flooring that you have removed, then you might like to consider solid wood as an option.

Do you want to use the same wooden flooring throughout your larger area?

Solid wooden flooring is notorious for warping in moist or wet environments. This means that solid wooden floors will not last as long as engineered wooden floors in kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas.

If you are set on solid wood in your space, you might like to consider matching it up with some engineered wood or wooden-look laminate in these wet areas instead. Keeping excess wood on hand in a safe, dry place in case it needs replacing is another option too.

What’s your budget?

The majority of engineered wooden floorboards are a little less expensive than their solid hardwood counterparts. This is because the underneath layers are made up of a much cheaper wood than the top layer. If cost is an issue, then engineered wooden boards might be a better choice – but remember to have a look around, you might be surprised at how cheap floor boards are, especially online!

Is it going to be a very high traffic area?

High traffic areas generally need to be resurfaced again more quickly, unless you are using rugs or particularly hard finishes on top of the boards. Solid wooden floorboards can be sanded back and refinished many more times than engineered wooden boards, making them a more sensible choice for a high traffic area, e.g. a doctor’s surgery, school reception, restaurant, etc. used engines

This may also be an issue if you have pets indoors. Dogs – and sometimes even cats – can be notorious for scratching up beautiful wooden floors requiring a resurface!

Hopefully it’s all a little bit clearer for you now, and you’ve got an idea in mind about what sort of floorboards would work best for you. Whether it’s engineered or solid wood floors, you will still have the same luscious wood look, but with some different properties.

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