Shetland Islands Tourism

Shetland islands tourism is alive and well. More and more people are making the journey north to see for themselves what they’ve heard on the grapevine. Some want to see the northern lights, others seek untouched landscapes, Shetland ponies or stunning coastal scenery, and they all find what they are looking for – and much, much more.

Unlike the Spanish Costas, or other popular holiday destinations, the Shetland islands will never become the kind of mass market where package holidays abound. Shetland islands tourism is a more sedate, yet still highly exciting experience. Visiting Shetland is like going abroad in many ways for tourists more used to urban areas where proper English is spoken.

Most of Shetland’s places have Norse names. The people speak a distinctive dialect that is mostly English, but retains many Old Norse words, as well as Lowland Scots words. This sprinkled linguistic mixture can be heard nowhere else in the world, and for someone even from mainland Scotland, it can be quite unintelligible. However, the inhabitants of these northern isles can also speak impeccable English, albeit with a heavy accent that owes more to Scandinavian countries than anywhere else. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

There are 15 inhabited islands in the Shetland archipelago that contains around 100 islands in all. The island group is bounded by the North Sea on its east side and the Atlantic Ocean on its west. Transport links to and from the islands are very good. A car and passenger ferry from Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland sails to Lerwick, the islands’ main town, every evening, and another leaves Lerwick for Aberdeen every evening too. The journey takes around 14 hours overnight and sleeping cabins can be booked.

There are many Shetland attractions for the Shetland islands tourism visitors to enjoy. Anyone who loves bird watching will be spoiled for choice. This holds good too for the angler. Shetland’s many lochs hold fine healthy trout, and the sea angling possibilities are endless. Those who love walking and hiking will appreciate the spectacular coastal scenery to be found everywhere.

Outside of the population centres there are untouched landscapes where nature and wildlife roam free. And if you’ve never seen the northern lights – the Aurora Borealis, cast you eyes skywards at night and you just might be lucky enough to be rewarded by the most spectacular visual display you have ever seen, and it won’t cost you a penny.

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