Non-Hybrid Survival Vegetable Seeds

Non-Hybrid survival vegetable seeds are more than just garden seeds. They are the insurance against any future food crisis, or economic break downs. But they are also a better food alternative. The fact that a huge percentage of our national food supply is completely non-organic, or hybrid, is pretty well known by now. BUT – that doesn’t mean that we should accept these non-organic foods as normal or O.K. Non-Hybrid survival vegetable seeds are a decision that can make about what we eat and how we prepare for the future.

When I first heard of the huge organic Seed banks that house million’s of these “different” seed’s, I couldn’t help but wonder – Whats so special about those seed’s. How come they have to be separated and saved like that?

That was the beginning of the research that would lead me to an ‘enlightened’ state.I have never been someone that assumes that the government or anyone else is out to harm us or lead us astray. But I also know that thing’s aren’t always as they seem. And with the internet’s ability to share such a huge database of knowledge, I couldn’t help but find out what the differences in the hybrid and non-hybrid seed’s were -and why there are a huge group of people that find it necessary to create supplies of these Non-Hybrid Vegetable seeds.

What Are The Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seeds?

Basically, these seeds are created with different chemicals and genes. And one thing that makes them completely different from regular seed’s, are the fact that they CANNOT reproduce more seeds. Thus the need to store millions and millions of these organic seed’s. And the need for us to store our own survival seeds -even if we don’t find it necessary to grow our own safe, organic food as of now. snapdragon seeds online

The Hybrid seed’s also are created with something called the -BT Pesticide. It is exactly what is says -a pesticide. Adding this to the vegetable seed will make the future vegetable’s protect THEMSELVES against bug’s and other plant eating insects. I know, this sound’s like a pretty good idea. It helps to create more plentiful crops. And that mean’s more vegetable’s for the world’s food supply. But there can be no getting around the fact that our plants actually have a pesticide gene INSIDE the vegetables.

This cannot be accepted. No matter what. Whats the point of having more food, when this Non-Organic food will undoubtedly create major side effect’s for our children and there children. There must be line’s drawn. And there has actually been  a scientific study that proves the dangers of the BT Pesticide’s when they are introduced into our body.

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