Music Then and Now – A Brief History of Music and Woodwind Instruments

No other type of music stirs the soul and is more widely loved among all groups of people than instrumental music. Solo guitar music is passionate, alive, and full of artistic expression. It crosses social boundaries including ethnicity, religion, and geographical region. Solo piano music is relaxing and soothing. Whether you listen as you relax or listen as you work, great instrumental music can help eliminate distractions, introduce a gentle rhythm to your system and leave you feeling refreshed and restored. String Quartet Singapore

Finding free instrumental music online used to be extremely difficult, but the internet has changed all of that. New and established artists are now able to upload their favorite pieces online for people to download and enjoy. This has enabled artists to utilize the low-cost advertising methods of the internet to get their music out there where it can be heard and enjoyed. But…not all freely-available music is worth listening to. Different level of creativity, performance talent and recording quality can lead to wild variations in the quality of free music. So, quality is the first problem.

What’s been good for the internet has largely been bad for the mainstream music business. You’re likely to find it difficult to locate and purchase quality instrumental music in brick-and-mortar stores due to the limited selection that most music stores carry these days. Those stores which have survived so far generally focus more on stocking big-name best-sellers…and most quality instrumentalists these days fall into the category of “indie musicians”…so they are ignored. So, you may ask…why not simply go for peer-to-peer music sharing (stealing) services? Well, in addition to the moral issues…you have to be careful not to download viruses, spyware, and adware along with your music selections. So, availability is the second problem.

Virus-free music that is uploaded by up-and-coming indie artists is generally easier to find, but it often requires visiting several sites to download a large enough selection to fill up one CD. You’ll likely have to visit many artist websites individually find what you’re looking for. This can be an incredibly time-consuming process. So the third problem is accessibility.

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