How To Create A Memory Table for Your Children’s Room

We took a weekend trip with our kids last weekend! It was our first trip as a family. With our busy schedule, it’s hard to take time off of work. We took lots of pictures, but I’d like to make something special for the kid’s room to remind them of our trip. Help!

Dear Molly:

The first trip with the kids is always an exciting one! It’s one that your kids will remember for years to come as a memorable experience.

I still remember our first trip: I was not much older than three, and we took a bus into the city for an adventure! I remember my teddy bear backpack filled with a few toys and snacks, and my go-kart sandals. And boy, did I think I was hot stuff in those go-kart sandals! I will never forget that trip. It was quite special because it taught me a valuable lesson: it’s not the amount of money you spend on a trip, but rather creating memories with your loved ones.

While in the city, we went window shopping, played, and just plain had fun. The highlight of that day was when my mom bought me a colour-by-number book. My sister and I must have coloured for hours! I still have it today, and every time I look through it, it reminds me of that joyous trip to the city.

A great keepsake and children-friendly weekend activity would be to create a drawing table to help them reminisce of their first trip with mom and dad. In this project, we’ll paint a table white and have your kids draw their holiday memories using permanent markers to create a family memorabilia.

Supplies you will need for this project: peppande citat 

– Small Side Table
– Sandpaper
– Primer
– White paint
– Paint brush
– Permanent markers in various colours
– Krylon Clear Aerosol spray paint

Step 1.
Sand the table to create a paintable surface. In a well ventilated area, prime the table and then paint the table white.

Step 2.
Ask your kids to draw pictures on the table of things they saw during their holidays using coloured permanent markers.

Step 3.
Once the majority of the table top is filled with drawings, spray the entire table with Krylon clear aerosol spray paint following the instructions on the package. This will project the drawings from being scratched or worn off. Let dry completely before use.


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