Choosing Childrens Themed Furniture

Two of the most popular colours for children’s bedrooms is blue and pink for obvious reasons so this is where we’ll start.

Blue Room
A boys room is often painted in blue which is great due to its calming effect and also its relatively neutral state which enables you to mix and match furniture without clashing too much.

Some of the best themes we’ve found to really work in a blue kids bedroom is safari sets with their blue sky colouring. That together with the numerous playful animal paintings these safari furniture sets really add colour to the room as the possibilities are endless – happy toucans, crazy lions, hippos and much more.

Another popular theme for a boys room is Noah’s Ark furniture. This was first produced by Guidecraft as their Noah’s Ark range and comes in a deep blue with all the animals and fluffy clouds this is a delightful set to behold.

Pink Room
Pink is the most popular colour for a girls room and many themes exist for this colour such as the flower ranges by Guidecraft including Daisy and Rose.

Swan Lake is also another popular furniture range but this time by Teamson and offers a beautiful pink explosion with very girly patterns that will make your daughter feel like a real ballerina!

For younger girls there’s the deep purple and pink Princess children’s furniture that really adds to the decor of the room as well as provided hours of fun on the carriage rocker.

Many of the girls furniture sets will also come with extras such as tea party cupboards and chairs. posters barnrum

Other popular colours for children’s rooms include yellow and green. Both of which work well with animal themed furniture such as Noah’s Ark, safari and jungle ranges. Yellow is especially good with the safari range due to the use of sandy yellow in some items.

If you’re struggling to decide on the best children’s furniture or wooden toy box [] for your little one then you may find our site some help as we stock a huge range of quality Guidecraft and Teamson furniture for kids that will really set the room up.


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