A Guide to Watching Movies on Your Nintendo Wii

One of the best video game consoles this generation is the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii has been known for having both casual and hardcore games, all of which are top-notch. However, at first appearance, it may seem like the Wii is a bit limiting and can only play games, but it is also possible to play movies on the Wii. Having the ability to play a movie on the Nintendo Wii makes the system even better. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to play movies on the Wii.

Step 1: Legally download a movie to your PC. Do not get the movie illegally. To find out whether it is illegal or not, you should research into movie downloading laws. Illegally obtaining movies can result in heavy fines or time in jail. Only obtain your movies legally. Streaming VF

Step 2: Get an SD card that is at least 2GB big. 2GB or bigger should be a fine size for an SD card.

Step 3: Convert the movie to a file format that the Nintendo Wii can understand. MOV, DivX, Avi, and MPG are formats that the Wii supports. You can find file conversion software on the internet.

Step 4: Place the SD card into your computer and copy the newly-converted movie file to it. Afterwards, safely remove the SD card from the computer.

Step 5: Place the SD card in the Nintendo Wii (in the front slot area). Afterwards, turn on the Nintendo Wii, and make your way to the Photo Channel that Nintendo provides. If you do not have this channel, go to the Wii Shop channel and you should be able to download it free there. Once you get to the Photo Channel, you can play your movie there.

After following this guide, you should be able to successfully watch any movie you legally downloaded on your Nintendo Wii. As long as the Photo Channel supports videos, you should be able to do this for as long as you want.

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