9 Types Of Body Massage In The World

When you think of a body massage, you would think it is simple right? After all, how hard can it be? Simply use your fingers together with your hands to apply pressure at a specific body part and there you have it, a body massage!

In reality, there are many types of massage. This article could not list all of them at once. But you will see a list of massage types that are actually very important in our daily lives. You might not even realize about these categories.

There are as many as 9 massage types in this world.

1. Massage for balancing your energy

When you are receiving the treatment from a partner or a masseuse, your energy is actually being restored to you. 강남안마

2. Massage that increases your awareness

Sometimes we don’t realize what we are thinking ourselves and walk in a daze like a zombie.

3. Spiritual Massages

You can feel more connected to your religion if you get massaged at a temple or a peaceful environment. Usually in these settings, you can wander in your mind and reflect upon yourself.

4. Massage animals

Strange yet true. Certain animals like horses, dogs and cats are luxurious animals.

5. Sensuality

If you have a partner, this type can create deep connection with each other.

6. Emotions

Certain techniques can bring up positive inner psychological issues that have been buried in a person.

7. Sports

Any serious or full time athletes will have to utilize a professional masseuse. Otherwise, their athletic performance will not be as optimal.

8. Rehabilitative

You can repair your body. It also speeds up the healing process, especially after a person recovers from an injury or surgery.

9. Relaxation

This is the number one reason that prompts people to get a massage, no matter how simple the massage session is. Comfort and stress relief are what you get.

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