Want to Score High on the SAT Essay? 1 Shocking Secret That Will Boost Your Score

So you want to know how to beat the SAT Essay.

I understand how you feel – in fact, I was a little nervous about writing my first SAT Essay (and I was teaching a class on how to do it).  So I fully understand what you’re going through.

But, I have a secret for you…and it is this:

I discovered how to write a perfect SAT Essay and so can you.

And get this – over 90% of students who write the essay on the SAT do so without knowing the factors that graders unconsciously use to score their essays!

This means when you learn these secrets, you’ll be ahead of over 90% of the students taking the exam.

So this is good news for you and I – especially since we want to know how to get you a high score on the essay.

I want you to think about this – if you turn in an assignment that’s not up to your teacher’s expectations, you get a low grade, am I correct?

Typically, students who don’t do well, never learn specific tactics that will allow them to impress their teachers.  I understand how this can happen.  No one ever told you that such strategies existed!

But not knowing specific tactics and strategies to beat the SAT Essay BEFORE you begin preparing for this test just doesn’t’ work.

So instead, let’s use this powerful SAT Essay Secret.

What is this secret? It is this…  essay review

The Prompt Dissection Technique

All the prompt dissection technique is, is a way to break down the SAT Essay prompt into basic elements. This makes it extremely easy to write an organized, on-topic essay that will impress graders every time.

1.  Skip the quote and read the SAT Essay question first which is just underneath the quote (you can read the quote next or just skip it all together).

2.  Circle the most important words in the prompt.

3.  Discover what the yes/no question you are being asked to respond to is.

4.  Generate examples that would work for BOTH sides of the thesis.

Tip number four may sound like the opposite of what you should do but it actually makes the SAT Essay much easier to write than trying to only generate examples for one side of the argument.

5.  Choose the thesis that’s easiest to support INSTEAD of a thesis that you agree with.  This way you will always be able to write a complete well-supported essay.

Warning: Students that neglect tip five above accidentally end up writing an essay on a thesis that’s impossible for them to prove.  This has caused some students to get very low scores.  So take this advice seriously if you want to get a perfect score on the SAT Essay.


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