Reverse Cell Phone Number Searches – How to Reverse Lookup a Number

When would you ever have a need for a reverse phone service?

This type of service is perfect when you need to find the name and location of a specific landline or cell phone number which isn’t listed in the whitepages or other various phone books. Reverse cell phone number searches operate by allowing a buyer to purchase access to specialized databases from all sorts of phone companies. These companies combine their information in order to give you the ability to search almost any number in the United States.

These reverse cell phone number searches can only be given through purchase however, because of agreements made by phone companies. They are prohibited to provide access to these databases free of charge. The reverse company must also pay the phone company for the information as well, therefore they will most likely charge you a small fee to cover that charge. Keep in mind that you will not find such detailed and reliable information for any other source.

Are there any free reverse phone number lookup services?

There are a couple different options when trying to track a number for free. It’s always an option to look the number up in the whitepages or on the internet through Google. You can find many things through Google. However, these alternatives will only provide results for landlines, you won’t find unlisted numbers of cell phone numbers in these searches. This information is simply not available to the public for no cost.

What information do I get with a reverse lookup search? reverse phone number

You will most certainly find the name of the subscriber to that number as well as the address associated with that person. Some services even go as far as to list other members of that persons household.

How do I perform a reverse number search?

It’s as simple as entering the phone number you wish to reverse search into a form provided for you online. After that most services will give you this information right away:

– Whether the number is a cell phone or landline.
– The City and State where the number is from.

To receive the name of the phone owner, you will have to buy access to the company’s large databases. The charge just helps to make sure that people are using this information in a lawful manner. They don’t want to sell information to telemarketers or anything like that. In order to ensure that this will be so, they have to apply a small charge to the lookup.


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