Maintaining Your High Mileage BMW

In this current economy, we see more car owners maintaining their current vehicle. The cost of maintaining your BMW can be quite expensive. While on many of the BMW enthusiast forums, I have read several posts about car owners trying to get the best deal on wheel alignment and other repairs. You can often see community responses touting low-cost deals. Forums are a great place to report repair deals and independent shop experiences. They are monitored very closely to ensure that members are not soliciting or selling repair services, but actually reporting their experiences and recommendations.

Keeping up on your routine service will save you time and money down the road. High mileage vehicles need to be serviced in an expert environment that uses the best parts and technology that is specific to your car brand manufacturer. Do not take short-cuts on receiving routine service. Verify that your independent shop employs dealer trained automotive technicians. Make sure they are providing the same or better materials than going to your brand dealership.

A good shop will make sure they take special care in doing oil changes. They will have several quality check points including keeping it lubed and making sure the filter’s clean. Your older car engines need all the help they can get. Change the oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles. Make sure your tires and brakes are inspected for wear with your routine service appointment.

If your vehicle has a timing belt, it is recommended to have it replaced at the 60,000 miles (or slightly more) interval. When a timing belt becomes stretched it reduces engine performance. If you do not catch this repair at an appropriate time in your mileage and it breaks, your car will not run and it may also result in engine damage. wheels for bmw

BMW owners seeking to get a wheel alignment should ask the repair shop to describe to you how they perform this service. Compare the methods used at various shops before deciding where to purchase their service from. You will be able to compare which shop has the best services. It is not only about the best price. A wheel alignment involves several adjustments. The cheaper the service, the likelihood they only barely provided a service. If tires are worn, uneven, or not in worn balance, your car can pull or shake when you drive. Left unattended, it can potentially damage other components.

Make sure the shop you choose is performing your wheel alignment according to the recommendations of your car brand. For example, in providing a proper wheel alignment for a BMW, it requires expertise in BMW Kinematic Diagnosis. This involves having an understanding of maintaining the standards of speed, precision, performance, and handling. This also involves knowing the proper camber and caster measurements, along with the toe. The toe is essential because it is the angle of the wheel in relation to your BMW to improve steering ability. Make sure to keep your tires properly inflated. It is recommended rotate and balance them every other oil change. Make a habit while stopping for gas to take a moment to check for uneven wear.

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