Is Nopalea The Nopal Cactus Juice Just Another Wellness Snake Oil Juice Fraud?

Many juices with many claims have been pushed out to the markets and advertised online and off.

You may have seen an infomercial or read an ad about a wellness drink made from the Nopal Cactus and you are wondering if it could be true or is this just another hollow claim of another company trying to make a dollar.

There are many wellness products on the marketplace. The question is answered when you find out what makes Nopalea so unique.

Nopalea’s key active ingredient is from the Nopal cactus. This is a type of cactus found in the Sonoran Desert and known for its antioxidant-rich healing properties. What makes Nopalea unique are these antioxidants that are called betalains. Of all the known natural sources for betalains, the Nopal cactus fruit supplies some of the highest amounts found in all of nature. The Sonoran Desert has the most extreme environment in the world, and it’s only in this desert thatĀ the Nopal cactus produces all 24 betalains. Why? Because the Nopal cactus needs to produce them to survive in that extreme and inflamed environment. Los perros pueden comer nopales

Betalains are the pigments that are well known to give the Nopal cactus fruit its alive and vibrant pink color. But that’s just the beginning. They’re also natural antioxidants-and they’re only found in a few of the world’s plants.

These betalain antioxidants have been scientifically studied and proven to help the body detoxify itself from harmful environmental toxins which help reduce and protect against inflammation. Inflammation is now considered the number one precursor to dangerous and life threatening disease. Time magazine published an article in 2004, calling Inflammation “The Secret Killer”. The Nopal Cactus fruit and its powerful betalains have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in over 200 scientific studies independent from the company producing this break through wellness drink.

Harnessing the power of betalains, a rare and powerful class of antioxidants that flourishes in the Nopal fruit, Nopalea delivers scientifically proven health benefits.

Another major difference is the moral values and mission of the company that has brought Nopalea to market. Their values and life purposes are the highest of any supplement company I have seen and I am proud to work with them. Their mission is to bring wellness to the world and create opportunities for people to build wealth for their life purposes.

Nopalea, the wellness drink seems to be well separated from the crowd of many juices by its ingredients and proven scientific results. It is not a fraud and the claims made by the company seem to be also backed up by many people having dramatic results. To find out more please visit my siteĀ Nopalea,

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