justice = a situation in which each party within that situation agrees in practice AND IN PRINCIPLE with the behavior and/or position of the other party/ies in that situation.

power = the ability of an entity to impose one's will upon another entity, regardless of the will of the other entity.

force = the use of power.

law enforcement = the use of power for the execution of law

law enforcement officer = a person authorized by government to use force in order to enforce law as she/he best sees fit.

judge = a person authorized by government to give orders [commands] based on her/his choice of which laws to apply and based on her/his interpretation of laws.

rules = instructions to mandate and/or prohibit behavior.

law (laws / the law) = a limited/finite set of rules for an unlimited/infinite number of possible situations, such rules being:
a) subject to interpretation;
b) without unambiguously agreed-upon definitions of "good," "bad," "evil," or "justice";
c) without an unambiguosuly agreed-upon over-arching ("top") rule, or with an over-arching rule deferring to divinity and/or justice;
d) made of
e) forced upon an individual even if the individual disagrees.

internet justice = the available option to use the internet to let anyone interested and who has access to the internet decide on matters of justice.

in an advanced society, there are no laws. rules, whether between two individuals or within the military or between a casino and a national park, or whatever, are agreed upon by those that wanna play by those rules. RULES ARE NOT IMPOSED ON ANYONE THAT DOES NOT AGREE. by principle, NOT by law, but by principle, force is not used against anyone who does not wish or intend to use force upon anyone. if force is used against someone who wishes/intends to use force against someone who does not wish/intend to use force upon anyone, force is not used for vengeance, force is not used to harm, force is not used to "punish." it is used simply to keep someone from using force against someone who does not wish to use force against anyone. again, not by law, but by principle, fights/wars/ etc are only among mutually CONSENTING fighters. and, of course, they have at it all they want in video games / fiction / movies .

tertetra/zoxor amendments to the US constitution
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right-and-wrong in a few basic questions
also, as explained more thoroughly elsewhere, in an evolved society, instead of forced taxes, we have agreement funding. (a transition from taxes to freedom could be where citizens have an OPTION on their tax form to decide (starting at least in part) where their taxes go. if you check a certain box on your tax form, you opt to let government decide where your taxes go; if instead on the tax form you opt to make your own choice, you decide what percentage of your taxes goes to infrastructure, what percentage to military, what percentage to education, etc. but eventually, an evolved society will have no taxes but agreed-upon funding from participants.) and in an evolved society, politicians dont invite u to vote for a party: they invite you to fund this or that. if u wanna do the research yourself, go for it. if you dont have the time to research the issue and/or you prefer to follow the opinion of your politician, then you fund what your politician suggests. see also freedom-vs-burocracy example. the idea of government and government agencies was (in theory...) for protecting the weak, protecting the people. whether with housing or business or whatnot. but that was at a time in human evolution when the people had neither a voice nor anyone to turn to about their sitches. but now the people have the internet.
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