Diagnostic Essay – The Way to Present Your Educative Skills

Your teacher has given you a topic for writing an essay in the beginning of the academic year. It is called a diagnostic essay. It helps your teacher to judge your writing skills and check your knowledge of that subject.

Here are a few tips to help you write the diagnostic essay:

o Do not start writing as soon as you get the topic. Compose an outline of your essay in your mind. Usually the essays has five subsections divided into introduction one paragraph, main content three paragraphs and conclusion in one paragraph. reddit essay writing service 

o Three main sections should include different but inter linking informative ideas about the given topic.

o Each paragraph should have such an ending that will introduce second paragraph’s idea.

o Introductory paragraph should tell about the basic information about your thesis. Try to give rough sketch of your thesis subject.

o While writing the concluding section of your diagnostic essay, do not just summarize your essay. It should be convincing enough and justify your topic.

Your teacher may give you anything between thirty to fifty minutes to write your diagnostic essay. You may also get two to three topics to choose from. Select your topic sensibly. Whatever you write is going to be assessed and judged by your teacher or counselor for your writing skills and depth of knowledge.

Work on your weaknesses and improve your illustrative skills. You may have knowledge of your topic, but you should be able to express it in writing too. It is a good idea to go through websites which are related to essay writing.


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