Combat Copper Crime – Get a Smoke Screen

The price of copper has roared upwards in the last two years, driven by booms in construction and industrial investment abroad. As a result there is a very active, demanding and profitable copper recycling market. An unfortunate side effect of this is the rampant epidemic of metal theft in the UK. Criminals are stealing cables, wire, pipes, boilers, even manhole covers and statues.

This kind of theft has far reaching consequences. Just one stolen cable could deprive an entire community of services that are taken for granted and used every day, such as phones, internet access, buses etc. This crime causes massive disruption at home and at work, the thieves themselves are endangering their own lives in committing cable theft, risking electrocution, not to mention the potentially disastrous consequences of removing gas pipes.

Major damage to electrical infrastructure and modern communications systems affects us all, as does negative public transport functionality. Add this to the cost of loss of property and the affect on businesses can be devastating.

In total metal thefts are estimated to cost UK businesses at least £770m a year. bongs online

Organised thieves are unfazed by most modern and conventional security solutions. What can you do to combat such criminal determination? The answer: get a smoke screen.

A smoke screen is a security smoke system that stops thieves in their tracks. It’s the ultimate in crime prevention and subsequent loss prevention.

On activation the security smoke screen system rapidly fills a risk area with incredibly dense, non-toxic smoke (or fog), the raiders suddenly cannot see what they have come to steal and quickly realise that in order to get anything, they are going to have to spend far longer at the premises than they want to. In their minds the emergency services are getting closer and closer and time is a luxury they do not have.

State-of-the-art heater block technology ensures the production of dry and persistent smoke, with an infinitesimally small particle size, in the safest possible band for human breathing, great for fluid economy and leaving no residue.

Security smoke solutions are easily integrated into existing alarm systems and are a proven effective addition to the security arsenal. And most importantly, preventing loss during a robbery / burglary allows stores to continue to trade. Security smoke is recommended by insurers and sends a clear message to the bad guys that if they break in, they won’t get away with anything.


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