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Storage units are those which can be rented on a monthly basis for storing your extra stuff. Chemicals and any items which are hazardous, toxic, perishable, explosive and flammable are not allowed storage in these units also known as mini warehouse or self storage. These are mostly hired by individuals and businesses and are available in different sizes. Most people hire them for storing household items and to re-organize their home. These units are also used by people when moving from one place to another and for storing valuables and seasonal items. Businesses use them for storing confidential files, archives, promotional and seasonal items, unused equipment, office furniture or inventory.

There are many things to be considered when choosing a storage unit which include:

1. The space needed for storing items. These units are of different sizes and can be chosen according to your needs and specifications.

2. The time duration for storing items. The contract term and rates differ according to the duration.

3. Features like price, time and location of the storage units are some of the deciding factors when choosing one.

4. A comparison between the regular rates and move-in specials is important when choosing a storage facility.

5. Every storage unit requires an amount as deposit. When choosing a unit, you need to inquire about the deposit and the terms of refunding it after moving out.

6. The terms and conditions for vacating have to be discussed when choosing a unit.

7. When deciding on a storage unit, it is important to know the policies on late payment of the firm providing the facility.

8. The amenities at the facility have to be considered. Some of these are climate controlled environment, security systems, fences and gates at the facility, onsite management, padlocks and accessible time.

9. It is wise to choose a facility which allows you to take the contract documents home before signing them. This way, you can read and compare them with other facilities before taking a decision.

10. Finally, it is better to make a list of things according to your preferences. Once listed, information has to be gathered before deciding a facility. Internet is the best place to look for detailed information on companies providing this facility. It is now possible to search for such facilities on online directories and classifieds. This helps you to compare various providers. semi trailer landing gear parts

Once a storage unit is decided, there are different types available according to your needs. These are:

1. Storage Sheds – They are the most commonly used units. They are used for storing household goods, boxes, and large equipment or appliances.


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